Audience Quotes

"HEATHER MASSIE turns in a tour-de-force performance as HEDY LAMARR her in well-researched and brilliantly written HEDY! THE LIFE AND INVENTIONS OF HEDY LAMARR.” “HEATHER MASSIE's amazing characterization and study of HEDY LAMARR astounds me...her research, her accent, her complete immersion into the mystique which was LAMARR is astonishing....BRAVO!"
- Stephen Michael Shearer - author, Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr

“So great meeting you. You are as beautiful as Hedy inside & out. She definitely would have loved you.”
- Arlene Roxbury - friend of Hedy Lamarr

- Susan Sarandon – executive producer, Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

“Heather Massie is the female Jefferson Mays.”
-- Stephen K Davis – NYC Actor

“What a brilliant beautiful inspiring piece, Heather! Your work and accomplishment is the very message Hedy leaves us with at the end. Doing something that makes the world better. This play does. Her story is important, and you tell it lovingly with beauty, finesse, strength, wit and flair.”
-- Dennis Delamar – Actor, Educator

"An impressive performance with great range, depth and character."
-- Rich Hayes - Waterbury Center, VT

"A magnetic persona that draws the audience in - could not lose my gaze."
-- Bill April - Waterbury Center, VT

"Heather Massie sparkles bringing Hedy Lamarr, her story, and a host of supporting characters to life." 
-- Betsy Fran - Waterbury Center, VT

“What a fascinating show! We learned a lot about Hedy Lamarr in a relatively short amount of time. The writing and performance absorb you in the extraordinary mind of this intelligent inventor and actress. Hedy Lamarr is someone we must know about, and this show is a great way to do it.”
-- Cheryl Casey – Waterbury, VT

Hedy an Amazing One Woman, One Act Play at the Grange!
It was a small audience on a stormy night but we were fully involved with the presentation of Hedy at the Grange Hall. Heather Massie wanted to show us how actress Hedy Lamarr lived her life constantly finding the right moment to make it better. She wrote this story of Hedy Lamarr from Austria to Hollywood and embodies Hedy in her own beauty and magnetism. The presentation brings forth husbands (with all their personable voices and accents) with their restrictions on her career and their opportunities to make her life better. Later, we met movie agents, producers, and fellow movie stars (Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, etc.). Each new personality welcomed us with familiar character voices. Heather’s shift from Hedy to personality was swift and seamless. The inventor side of Hedy is highlighted as a recurring theme; Hedy gave away her patent that could have made her a very wealthy woman far more than her movies ever could. Heather breaks the fourth wall at times and warmly brings Hedy to members of the audience. This show works well in the small stage with only a few set pieces; all attention is focused on Hedy. Many thanks to The Grange Hall Cultural Center for bringing this talent to town. We all hope their rehabilitation of the Grange building can proceed past the permit issues. A thoroughly enjoyable evening needs a larger audience. Go see it. Sat. eve at 7:30 PM and Sun. at 2:00 PM.
-Bill April – Front Porch Forum, Waterbury Center, VT