“In Lily Tomlin-esque fashion … Massie channels the iconic star … vividly yet matter-of-factly, and often very humorously … In a balance of high energy and poise, Heather Massie is no less than captivating.”
Jed Ryan - The Huffington Post

"Effervescent and entertaining ... A tour de force solo performance ... Heather Massie wowed the Inspirefest crowd as Hedy Lamarr."
Ellen Tannam - Silicon Republic

"If any woman in history deserves a one-woman tribute show it’s Hedy Lamarr and if any actress is worthy of playing her it’s the exceptionally talented Heather Massie."
Raychel Harvey-Jones - MD Theatre Guide

“Heather Massie's Hedy Lamarr play is highly inventive”
Anne Hailes - The Irish News

 “Richly realized. Both convincingly real and larger than life … she has us thoroughly swept up.”
Jon Sobel - Blogcritics Magazine

“Highly entertaining ... compelling and humorous … considerable elegance and skill.”
C.E. Gerber - Splash Magazines 

“Remarkable … I congratulate chameleon Heather Massie.”
Ed Malin - Theatre In the Now

“It’s measured, it’s incisive and it’s fascinating. Plenty of laughs and sadness too.”
Anne Hailes - Belfast Times

”With her magnetic performance and inventive writing, Heather Massie vividly chronicles the life and career of the Hollywood legend … Loaded with charm, charisma and employing her animated features and expressive eyes, Massie dramatically and comically enacts this eventful life story.”
Theater Scene - Darryl Reilly

”This is the way we do it - make and tell the stories that will inspire young women to create and invent.”
Beyond Beige - Deborah Greenhut

“Fantastic … A truly remarkable performance.”  
Andy B - Andy B Sports

Mark Dundas Wood - Stage Buddy

“Heather Massie has created a tribute to this amazing woman … And she does it well.”
Laurie Lawson - OffBway Review

“Gorgeous … Heather Massie is the image of Hedy Lamarr.”                
Marie Kilker - Total Theater

“Lively and enlightening ... engaging performance.”
Jay Handelman - Sarasota Herald Tribune